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Sam Cover is from the Pacific Northwest and is proud of it. Sam Cover is a must follow if you are in the region and like Food, Beer, Fitness, and/or have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Sam Cover from Spokane Valley is passionate about the food and drink of the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. The chef is known, in particular, for his fresh fish and seafood dishes.

An advocate for the growing farm-to-table movement, Sam Cover Spokane relishes in gastronomy and embracing the latest culinary trends. Recent trends embraced by Cover have included sourcing only hyper-local ingredients, utilizing alternative proteins and marine vegetables, and experimenting with experiential dining. Sam Cover of Spokane is also a keen fan of artisan-produced wines, spirits, and beers.

With a passion for what he calls 'upscale comfort' in dining, the chef is further known for perfectly combining elegant plating and local produce to create a professionally executed taste of home.

To date, Sam Cover Spokane Valley has enjoyed more than two decades of fast-paced life as a chef, winning multiple awards for his food in the process, and shows no sign of slowing down as he prepares to open a brand new restaurant in spring 2020.

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Sam Cover Spokane Washington
January 15, 2021

Former Chef Sam Cover Spokane Washington Discusses The Best Seafoods For The Winter Season

Seafood dishes are often associated with sunny days dining by the sea. However, former chef Sam Cover Spokane Washington explained that some seafood types pair exceptionally well with the colder winter months. He recently selected the best seafood for this winter season.   “Sure, most of us would love snacking on a fresh ceviche while […]

sam cover food mental health
December 9, 2020

Sam Cover of Spokane Washington Discusses How Food Can Affect Mental Health

Sam Cover a Spokane Washington native recently discussed how food could affect your overall mental health. The connections between food and mood are evident. It has long been known that proper nutrition plays a vital role in maintaining good physical health. However, many don’t know just how much it can affect our emotional well-being and […]

October 10, 2020

Sam Cover of Spokane Valley Presents Three Of The Best Plant-Based Meat Alternatives

Award-winning chef Sam Cover of Spokane Valley suggests three of his favorite plant-based alternatives to meat in popular dishes. With more and more people switching to plant-based lifestyles, chefs worldwide are increasingly turning to meat alternatives to create new recipes and variations of existing dishes to suit this growing meat-free population. A multi-award-winning chef and […]

September 15, 2020

Sam Cover Spokane Valley presents benefits of yoga on health and well-being

Fitness enthusiast Sam Cover Spokane Valley shares his favorite health and wellness benefits of partaking in yoga. From supporting increased flexibility to promoting improved cardiovascular and circulatory health, the benefits of yoga are both proven and plentiful. A fitness enthusiast from the Evergreen State of Washington, Sam Cover presents these and a number of his […]

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