About Me

Sam Cover is from the Pacific Northwest and is proud of it. Sam Cover is a must follow if you are in the region and like Food, Beer, Fitness, and/or have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Sam Cover from Spokane Valley is passionate about the food and drink of the Pacific Northwest corner of the United States. The chef is known, in particular, for his fresh fish and seafood dishes.

An advocate for the growing farm-to-table movement, Sam Cover Spokane relishes in gastronomy and embracing the latest culinary trends. Recent trends embraced by Cover have included sourcing only hyper-local ingredients, utilizing alternative proteins and marine vegetables, and experimenting with experiential dining. Sam Cover of Spokane is also a keen fan of artisan-produced wines, spirits, and beers.

With a passion for what he calls 'upscale comfort' in dining, the chef is further known for perfectly combining elegant plating and local produce to create a professionally executed taste of home.

To date, Sam Cover Spokane Valley has enjoyed more than two decades of fast-paced life as a chef, winning multiple awards for his food in the process, and shows no sign of slowing down as he prepares to open a brand new restaurant in spring 2020.


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