Sam Cover of Spokane Washington explores latest trends in home cooking

Sam Cover

May 20, 2020

Award-winning chef Sam Cover Spokane Washington reveals a selection of the fastest-growing home cooking trends.

From spiralized vegetables to alternative proteins, home cooking trends come and go with alarming regularity, according to award-winning chef Sam Cover Spokane Wa. With more and more people now relying on home-cooked dishes than ever as the world continues to face the effects of the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic, Cover shares a number of stand-out trends making waves in-home cooking today.

“Culinary trends come and go at an alarming rate,” says Sam Cover Spokane Wa, “and while some stand the test of time, many do not.”

Spiralized vegetables, for example, Sam Cover Spokane Washington points out, were the latest home cooking fad for a while several years ago. “Millions of people embraced the trend,” says Cover, “with mountains-worth of spiralizing gadgets sold globally as a result.”

Now, however, these and many other, similar gadgets have largely been consigned to the backs of kitchen cabinets around the world. “Worse still, many will have ended up in the trash,” adds the expert, “which is not great news for the environment.”

Trends that typically stand the test of time, for the most part, according to Sam Cover Spokane Wa, are those which are more lifestyle-focused. “Alternative proteins continue to grow and grow in popularity,” says Cover, “led by continued explosive growth in the switch to meat-free diets for many.”

Veganism and alternative proteins, then, make up one major trend that’s here to stay, according to Sam Cover Spokane Wa.

A non-food, drinks-focused trend also highlighted by Sam Cover Spokane Washington centers around so-called mocktails or non-alcoholic cocktails. “In an effort to be more health-conscious, as many people look to reduce their alcohol consumption, mocktails are becoming ever more popular,” he explains. What’s more, a surprising number, Sam Cover says, can often be whipped up from mixers, ingredients, and garnishes that are already staple items within many home kitchens.

Back to food and home cooking, Sam Cover Spokane Wa next turns to international cuisine trends. “Korean dishes and flavors have steadily been growing in popularity,” suggests Cover, “and fermented foods such as kimchi have now made their way into home cooking across large parts of the world, far outside of Asia.”

As access to more and more ingredients common in Korean cuisine become available in the U.S. and elsewhere, it’s likely to become among the biggest overseas-inspired home cooking trends in recent years, according to Sam Cover Spokane Valley. “Furthermore, fermented foods such as kimchi are not only delicious but, being probiotic-rich, they’re incredibly healthy, too,” adds the chef.

A trend first identified by Sam Cover Spokane Washington a number of years ago, meanwhile, and fully embraced by the chef for the first time last year, is what he calls upscale comfort. “Combining gourmet cuisine and, ideally, local ingredients with beautiful, elegant plating, it’s a trend which, oddly enough, lends itself perfectly to current circumstances,” suggests Cover.

Upscale comfort is, he says, essentially about a taste of home, but presented in the most beautiful, Instagram-worthy fashion possible. “The perfect antidote to TV dinners in lockdown, it’s an ideal food trend to try replicating at home,” adds Sam Cover Spokane Valley, wrapping up, “particularly while many of our favorite bars and restaurants remain closed.”