Sam Cover Spokane Valley announces plans for food-focused podcast

Sam Cover

July 3, 2020

Award-winning chef Sam Cover Spokane Valley reveals plans for an all-new podcast focused on the latest food and drink trends.

A multi-award-winning chef and restaurateur, Sam Cover Spokane Valley has lived and worked across much of the United States during his decades-long career in the pursuit of culinary excellence. Now settled back in his home city of Spokane Valley, Washington, the Pacific Northwest native is set to launch an all-new food and drink-focused podcast exploring the latest local, national, and international trends within cooking and dining.

“I’ve been dreaming about hosting my own podcast for a number of years,” explains Sam Cover Spokane Valley. Work, life, and other commitments, however, have repeatedly seen him put his podcast dreams on hold, he says. “I’m extremely excited, then, to now be able to announce that I’ll soon be hosting my own food and drink-focused podcast from right here in Spokane County, Washington,” adds Cover.

Changes in circumstances and a chance meeting with a successful local podcast host have finally allowed Sam Cover Spokane Valley to bring his own podcast dreams to life.

Cover has, he says, been inspired by popular food and drink-focused podcasts such as The Splendid Table, Gastropod, A Hot Dog Is a Sandwich, Extra Spicy, and Table Manners with Jessie Ware. “I also enjoy Point of Origin and Breaking Bread with Tom Papa,” explains Sam Cover Spokane Valley, “as well as Bourbon Pursuit and Wine for Normal People.”

Sam Cover Spokane Valley is, he further points out, also a fan of other well-known podcasts including The Joe Rogan Experience, Up First, Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard, Stuff You Should Know, and Pod Save America, among others.

Podcasts first rose to widespread prominence in 2005 when Apple added formal support for the media format into its latest version of iTunes. Although Sam Cover Spokane Valley had already been consuming podcasts from time to time via other channels for several years, it was around this point that the chef says he really started to tune into them on a regular basis. “I’ve listened to at least one podcast per week since, I’d say,” reveals Cover.

Further details of Sam Cover Spokane Valley‘s own podcast are expected to be made available in the coming weeks.

Elsewhere, Sam Cover Spokane Valley announced late last year that he was soon set to open an all-new restaurant in Spokane, Washington. In light of the ongoing global health crisis, however, his plans were put on hold.

“It’s been a difficult time for us all,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley, “but, I believe, it’s also given many of us much-needed time to work on our mental health, well-being, relationships, and more, and to spend time considering what we’re most passionate about in life, and what we most want to do moving forward.”

For now, Sam Cover Spokane Valley’s existing plans for his latest restaurant venture remain on hold until later in the year. “In the meantime, I’m looking forward,” he adds, wrapping up, “to growing my podcast into what I hope will become a source of information and entertainment for many.”