Sam Cover Spokane Valley Chef Suggests Best Regional Restaurants for International Cuisine

Sam Cover

March 27, 2020

Sam Cover

Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef suggests top locations where customers can sample quality foods from across the globe. 

While Spokane Valley, Washington may not be the first place you think of to find international fare, Sam Cover of Spokane Valley tells us the area boasts a unique set of restaurants and eateries featuring delicious foods from around the world.

“Spokane Valley is home to a handful of authentic international restaurants that offer foods from both Eastern and Western cultures,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef. “While they all offer something unique from their countries, I’ve named my own selection of personal favorites below.”

Top of India

Sam Cover tells us that here, customers enter an inviting modern space that serves up traditional Indian curry & tandoori dishes in addition to an all-you-can-eat buffet featuring the culture’s top meals. Customers have long lauded the fresh ingredients and labor-intensive recipes offered in the comfortable and relaxed atmosphere of Top of India.

Chan Bistro

If you can’t decide between the available asian cuisine choices in Spokane Valley, Sam Cover advises trying out Chan Bistro, which features Chinese, Japanese, Thai & Vietnamese specialties. The fresh, in-house menu takes customers on a delectable tour of Asia and back for a moderate price.

Little Euro

Little Euro is a quick-serve eatery that offers classic European breakfast & lunch staples. Sweet and savory menu items from all across Europe make up the selection here, and each plate proves to be a hearty, filling portion that never leaves customers hungry.

Tacos El Guero

“There are a number of Meixan and Spanish places to grab a bite around town, but Tacos El Guero offers homestyle comfort food with a lively food-truck atmosphere and outdoor seating,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef.

At Tacos El Guero, customers can sample a range of Mexican dishes at low-cost without the normal sit-down atmosphere of so many others in town.

O’Doherty’s Irish Pub & BBQ

The last on Sam Cover’s list, the O’Doherty’s Irish Pub & BBQ features a family-friendly bar, televisions across the restaurant, and some of the most authentic Irish pub fare you can find anywhere outside the UK. In addition, they also offer customers a fair selection of Southern-style BBQ items.

“Spokane Valley can be a cuisinal gateway to the world if only people know where to look,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley chef, “and I hope this list will help a lot of them find their new favorite restaurants in town.”