Sam Cover Spokane Valley Names Food Banks and Other Establishments Accepting Donations in the County

Sam Cover

April 8, 2020

Sam Cover

A local chef and food industry professional, Sam Cover Spokane Valley names some of the area’s most impactful food pantries that accept food donations from community members. 

As a chef, Sam Cover of Spokane Valley has witnessed first-hand how preparing or donating food to the needy in his community can dramatically change their lives for the better. Food is a basic necessity of life––although many are unable to purchase or prepare food on their own and must look to food banks and food pantries when in need.

“People can positively impact their local communities by supporting the needy in their neighborhoods with food donations at various outreach programs in each city,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley. “Here in Spokane, we have many organizations and religious establishments that accept food donations for the needy throughout the year.”

Valley Food Bank – Spokane

“Valley Food Bank has been around for decades, with some of its earliest roots stretching back to more than 60 years ago,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley.

Today, the Valley Food Bank supplies food and resources to local families, vulnerable youth, impoverished elderly community members and more by appointment.

American Indian Community Center

The nonprofit organization began in the late 60s and has evolved over the years into a multi-service agency. To help improve the lives of American Indians and other racial groups in the Spokane community, the center offers employment, educational, and social services in addition to operating a food bank.

Second Harvest Food Bank

“Second Harvest allows community members to provide food for others in two different ways,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley. “Monetary donations of a single dollar can provide food for up to five meals through the organization, otherwise people can donate nonperishables to the food bank.”

While most of the food donations come from the food industry and other partnerships, community members can also volunteer to help in various capacities within the group.

Caritas Outreach Ministries

Located in Spokane Friends Church, Caritas Outreach Ministries is a powerful resource in Spokane Valley that offers utility and heat assistance, food items, and everyday necessities. The food bank at Caritas Outreach Ministries, as with most food banks and pantries, is available by appointment only, so it’s best to reach out ahead and talk to a representative before donating.

“There are plenty of other outreach programs, churches, and organizations providing relief across the board to the Spokane Valley community,” says Sam Cover Spokane Valley. “Useful items to donate to these establishments include canned goods, ready-to-go meals, snack items for school children, toiletries, oil, and boxes of pasta. However, it’s always a good idea to call first and find out what each center needs most at the moment.”