Sam Cover Spokane Washington Explains How Spokane Food Fighters Offer Relief Amid Crisis

Sam Cover

May 17, 2020

Sam Cover Spokane Washington chef shares with readers the good work done by local organization Spokane Food Fighters and the impact it has on his community. 

A seasoned local chef, Sam Cover Spokane Washington has covered the many ways his city and state have kept their communities afloat amid the COVID-19 pandemic in his online articles. With food supply chains thrown off course and many restaurants having to close their doors to the public, he explains that too many people face extremely difficult hurdles when securing meals for their families

“We’re very thankful to have organizations like Spokane Food Fighters who can fill in the gaps and support our community members who may not have ready access to food and water as others might,” says Sam Cover Spokane Washington.

Spokane Food Fighters began earlier this year as a grassroots effort to end hunger in the local community, a single meal at a time. The focus of the organization is on next-day emergency meal needs for people who haven’t been able to secure food through local providers such as school districts, food pantries, or outreach programs like Meals on Wheels.

Sam Cover Spokane Washington tells us that Spokane Food Fighters have already provided thousands of families with hot meals while supporting restaurants who’ve significantly suffered during this time. Recently, Spokane Food Fighters expanded their services from Spokane alone to families in need in Spokane Valley. The official start date for emergency meal deliveries to Spokane Valley was April 18, and they’ve had a tremendous impact on the local community in a few short weeks. 

In less than a month, the organization succeeded in delivering more than 10,000 meals to people in need, providing a much needed service and boosting community morale during difficult times. Representatives from Spokane Food Fighters, such as Executive Director Robbi Katherine Anthony, have remarked on the clear need for their services outside the initial objective of Spokane to places like Spokane Valley and beyond. 

Spokane Food Fighters has also made a Spanish version of their intake form available to the public to enhance their community offerings. They’ve recruited passionate volunteers from the surrounding area and partnered with nonprofits to purchase meals from restaurants who may be struggling during the pandemic, delivering these meals to families in need at no cost.

“The Spokane Food Fighters organization plans to deliver more than 20,000 meals in the coming days, providing one of the most basic necessities for any family and ensuring our communities thrive in the face of this pandemic,” says Sam Cover Spokane Washington