Former Chef Sam Cover Spokane Washington Discusses The Best Seafoods For The Winter Season

Sam Cover

January 15, 2021

Sam Cover Spokane Washington

Seafood dishes are often associated with sunny days dining by the sea. However, former chef Sam Cover Spokane Washington explained that some seafood types pair exceptionally well with the colder winter months. He recently selected the best seafood for this winter season.


“Sure, most of us would love snacking on a fresh ceviche while watching the waves roll in,” Sam Cover Spokane Washington said. “But cooler weather doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the sweet and savory flavors of our favorite kinds of seafood.”


Sam Cover explained that most seafood can be purchased year-round, but that doesn’t mean that it’s being offered at peak freshness. He explained that choosing a summer fish in December means that it will most likely lack size and flavor. However, he added that seafood is healthy and delicious, so it shouldn’t be cut out of your winter diet.


“A major winter go-to seafood is salmon,” Sam Cover Spokane Washington said. “Salmon can be harvested fresh in all seasons, so you won’t be receiving a sub-par product if you choose your source wisely.”


Sam Cover of Spokane Valley added that salmon is packed with Omega-3s and a variety of other healthy nutrients. It can also be eaten for any meal. Another seafood winter delight offered by Sam Cover Spokane Washington is a seafood stew. Most soups pair well with the winter, but a hearty seafood stew can turn your favorite seafood flavors into a real winter treat. Chef Cover explained that the best thing about a seafood stew is that you can throw in any fresh and readily available fish. This makes it easier to adapt as the seasonal fish changes.


“Many shellfish are safer to consume in the winter months,” Sam Cover Spokane Washington said. “Mussels, clams, and oysters can all be added to your seafood stew or served up hot in another winter dish.”


Sam Cover Spokane Washington explained there is a common saying that shellfish are most safely eaten in months that include the letter “R.” That equates to September through April. This theory has not entirely been proven, but it has served as a guideline for shellfish eaters for decades. Sam Cover Spokane Washington agreed that shellfish could be an excellent addition to your winter meals while adding that seafood flavor you love. He suggested making a hearty seafood pasta, stuffed clams, or a mussel mariniere.


“As a seafood lover, there’s no way I could only consume seafood in the summer months,” Sam Cover Spokane Washington said. “I’m simply more particular with my selection, choosing fish and other seafood items that can be freshly harvested this time of year.”