Sam Cover Spokane Washington To Resume Mentorship Program For Area’s Would-Be Chefs

Sam Cover

July 17, 2020

Culinary genius Sam Cover Spokane Washington all set to resume plans to mentor aspiring young chefs from the city and surrounding areas.

First announcing plans to mentor local aspiring young chefs at the start of the year, Sam Cover Spokane Washington’s idea was promptly put on hold due to the global health crisis stemming from the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. With strict measures put in place to help prevent the spread of the virus now being eased, award-winning chef Sam Cover is once again set to resume his dream of mentoring those from Spokane, Washington, and surrounding areas, wishing to follow in his footsteps as a culinary genius.

“I’m incredibly excited to be resuming plans to launch my brand new mentorship program,” says Sam Cover Spokane Washington, “dedicated to inspiring and teaching would-be chefs from the area.”

News first broke of Sam Cover of Spokane Valley‘s plans to mentor aspiring young chefs at the end of January, announced ahead of the proposed springtime launch of his much-anticipated new restaurant. “Plans for both, of course, were put on hold as a result of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic,” he explains, “but I never gave up hope!”

For now, Sam Cover Spokane Washington‘s existing plans for his latest restaurant venture remain on hold until later in the year. Plans to kick off the first phase of his mentorship program, however, are expected to finally come to fruition within weeks. “I’ve always been passionate about wanting to instill the same enthusiasm that I have for food and drink into a new generation of would-be chefs,” he reveals.

From local culinary school students to those already working in the hospitality sector but dreaming of advancing their careers in the kitchen, those selected by Sam Cover Spokane and his team will join what’s understood to be a 12-month mentorship program. “In light of recent events, we may look to accelerate the first round of participants through a shorter, more full-on nine-month program,” suggests the award-winning chef, “although this is yet to be decided for certain.”

Upon completion of the program, successful participants will be given the opportunity to continue working alongside Sam Cover Spokane Washington in the award-winning chef’s still-to-launch, all-new restaurant in Downtown Spokane. “Once we’re up and running with the restaurant, those currently enrolled in the program will also be allowed to gain valuable hands-on experience at the venue as part of their mentoring,” he points out. Between eight and ten people are expected to be invited to join the program from the outset. “This number, however,” notes Sam Cover Spokane Wa, “is likely to increase to around 15 people as the program progresses.”

Award-winning restaurateur Sam Cover Spokane Washington was himself mentored by two leading chefs at the start of his own career. “I believe, without a doubt,” adds the culinary genius, wrapping up, “that undertaking a mentorship program is the number one way to kickstart a truly successful career in what can be a notoriously tough industry in which to catch a break.”