Sam Cover Spokane Washington Talks Trends to Keep an Eye on in Spokane, WA During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Sam Cover

April 24, 2020

Sam Cover

With the coronavirus, places around the world have enforced stay-at-home guidelines. Sam Cover of Spokane Washington talks trends borne of boredom and restlessness.

Spokane, Washington / Accesswire / April 24, 2020 / The coronavirus is one of the most concerning and serious issues facing pretty much every country in the world, and one of the biggest incidents in the last 100 years. Hard to detect, solidly transmittable, and highly dangerous for immunocompromised, elderly, and other such at-risk groups, these are a recipe for disaster. In order to avoid worsening it more than it already has been, many places, ranging from U.S. states to entire countries across the world, have enforced policies that shut down non-essential businesses, events that would result in groups of people in close contact, and even encouraging people to maximize staying at home. Helpful to hurt the pandemic, but bad for mood. Sam Cover Spokane Washington talks about the trends popping up as a result of this in the area.

Sam Cover Spokane Washington on Trends that are Gaining Traction

One of the biggest things you will find people doing during the pandemic, Sam Cover Spokane Washington notes, is people communicating over voice and/or video chat. You can do this through programs such as ZOOM, Discord, Skype, and other programs. This is great to chat with your friends and loved ones, hopefully enough to combat cabin fever, but others have taken it even further. Sam Cover Spokane Washington lists some examples, including people drinking together over video chat, watching movies on Netflix or Hulu at the same time, and others. In some communities, you can even see examples of people going onto their balconies or rooftops to try to create some local camaraderie, even instances of people making music all across the block. Sam Cover Spokane Washington finds stuff like this really shows the sense of community people demonstrate when we are faced with something as serious as this.

One thing Sam Cover Spokane Washington has seen people really get engaged in is arts and crafts. Even if a person does not know how to do many arts and crafts (such as cross-stitch for instance), that person can look online to see tutorials and practice, practice, practice. This is also good for your neighbors, as arts and crafts do not tend to be terribly disruptive. An example some people try, according to Sam Cover Spokane Washington, is practicing a musical instrument. This can certainly be fulfilling, but do make sure that you are considerate of the comfort of others who are merely trying to not go stir crazy in their apartment, Sam Cover Spokane Washington notes. It can be a huge bother if you have to hear someone playing their instrument at all hours of the day, especially if the musician is not yet good!